You are another rink rat from the Skateland days (who in our generation doesn’t have a Skateland in his or her past, I ask you?).  Anyway, when I told you once I hated kids whose jeans had creases in them, and you asked why, and I said, because that means they have somebody who irons their jeans for them… I didn’t mean I hated you. 



65×365 #4 Wendy P

June 4, 2008

I miss you most of all, Wenny.  Really, that should be the summation, but I really want to end on:  I am so sorry that I ruined the first time your now-husband told you he loved you by following his “Do you know I love you?” to YOU, with “Do you know *I* love *YOU*?” to him.  But come on, who knew he was serious?

65×365 #3 Michelle C.

April 30, 2008

I should’ve taken satisfaction from ordering my combo meal from you.  But I was still coming to terms with the fact that it was you who my best friend from birth had enlisted to call me and, pretending to be his stepmother, relate the “news” — a lie — that the boy who wrote that he loved me was dead.  I wonder if you’re still such a cunt.

Remember that time we had dinner?  And we barely knew each other?  I was ready to be friends.   Even now, your raspy voice is still recognizable – congrats on that national  commercial!  But you spent the whole dinner showing me, with vinegar and oil bottle visual aids, how my boyfriend didn’t value me.  Then you asked me if you’d gone too far, for a stranger.  DUH.

Randomx365 #1: Cheryl B.

April 29, 2008

I think you were trying to show us how red you could make your face when you peed your pants on the bus in fifth grade.  But I will always remember your phone number and hearing you say to your mother as you hung up after our grade school conversation one day, “I feel so sorry for [Chickiedoodle]. She never has anyone to talk to.”