August 11, 2007

I believe I discovered today why some old people are grouchy ALL the TIME.  It’s because they have spent all those years dealing with boneheads.   Twentysomethings think boneheads are the anomoly, but by the time you’re a couple of decades past that, you realize the boneheads, they are everywhere, making their bonehead moves and not bothering to even try to think about anyone else or do anything that makes a lick of sense.  And after all that time, you don’t wonder why no one taught them consideration or where they came from or who they think they are.  No.  After all that time, you are just plain TIRED of dealing with them. 



August 9, 2007

So many things not to like about blogging.  It’s decidedly passive aggressive, once you know there are readers, especially if you know those readers, and especially certain types of posts.  Passive aggressive is a biggie on the To Fix list.  Then there’s the (my?) tendency to start composing posts in my head about things as they are happening, foiling yet another attempt at changing something on the To Fix list, Learning to Live In the Moment.  I don’t want to live my life as a narrator of it, writing the story of the event for future publication, instead of simply being.  It’s hard enough to simply be instead of bracing for the end.

Things to like about blogging:  using my head, for once.  Spouting my inevitable opinion.  Memorializing.  Creative outlet having.  Fucking with your head.

We shall see.